Customization Services

Make an Impression with Your Own Unique Apparel

  • Expert Consultation – With over 22 years of experience, we can give you expert guidance in:
    • The optimal products and styles to use for your project
    • Graphic combinations such as design, color and font suggestions
    • Printing methods and techniques to highlight your message
    • Cost effective tips and recommendations to keep you on budget without sacrificing your desires or quality
  • Custom Screen Printing – We are experts in printing on a wide variety of products. Our printing capabilities range in scope from the effective one color print design to the highly unique and complex multi color textured print. HIGH – 5 can meet all of your printing needs.
  • Graphic Design – Our graphic design services include:
    • Custom art and concepts
    • Text placement and alignment
    • Color selection
    • Multi location art and text layouts
  • Embroidery & Sewing – HIGH – 5 has the ability to add custom embroidered or sewn designs, logos, numbers, text and monograms to most products. Fashion embroidery designs can be used to add extras and pizzazz to your products that would otherwise be unembellished.