For Great T-Shirt or Apparel Designs, Plan Your Color Schemes

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For Great T-Shirt or Apparel Designs, Plan Your Color Schemes

If you have ever seen an impressive tone-on-tone custom printed quarter-zip pullover or an invigorating neon green design printed on a bright yellow or pink tank top, you can understand the strong link between your garment and ink color.  And this undeniable link between the two is reflected in the final product.   By planning out your color palette, you can avoid extra charges and details that are often overlooked until it is too late. 

It can be tempting to add lots of colors to your artwork to make the design more vivid, but doing this can have the opposite effect.   Too many colors and your design increases its chance for clashing.   It is always best to achieve your design goals in the least number of colors possible.

It does not matter if you start by selecting the ink or garment color first, however, if you start with the garment color you will have the advantage of designing with color harmony in mind.   To make sure that these two complement each other, always use your fabric color as the background of your design ideas.

Other considerations include:

  • Ink and garment colors close in value will result in low visibility. When using tonal colors, you can use technique quite effectively.
  • To guarantee your logo or message can be seen from across the room at events, make sure that you have maximum contrast between your ink and garment colors.
  • Use Halftones to make the most of the ink colors you have selected.

Color choices are some of the most important decisions; not only for design reasons, but if you want to make sure your design fits your budget.   More colors = more cost per item.

High-5 Printwear design experts are always available to provide personalized t-shirt or apparel designs or if you need artwork support.

Colors give your t-shirt, apparel, or garments personality.   Color invokes emotion and can be a powerful tool in telling the viewer about yourself, your organization, and/or your brand.   Therefore, for the perfect impression, select garments and ink colors that work well together.